Thursday, 20 September 2012

Murray's Olympic gold and US Open will inspire lots of kids: Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has never met Andy Murray even though the two of them are managed by Simon Fuller. But the McLaren driver graciously sent his congratulations to Murray through his management after the Scot won the Olympic Gold and most recently, the US Open.

"We've never met but I think it's great that he's finally won. England had been waiting for that great tennis player for a long time and he has just proven that by not giving up. Getting into the semifinals time after time and never winning and to finally be winning the Olympic gold and then the US Open, it's just incredible. Maybe now, he's now in his zone and comfortable," Hamilton said.

Even though he's been a world champion, Hamilton can empathise with Murray and relate to the demons and doubts that might've consumed Murray. "That first win can really take a toll on you. The mental barrier is huge but who know, now that he's broken through, it could be start of even greater things for him," he said.

For long the sole carrier of expectations, the McLaren driver's shoulders aren't anymore relaxed after Murray's recent conquests.

"I don't think his winning makes any difference to the way I approach my sport. But the fact that he has won the Olympic gold and a grand slam will inspire lots of kids to pick up the racquet. Not that many already aren't but even then," he explained. On a cheeky note, he added, "This has been a good year for Britain. Now a Brit winning the Formula One world championship would be the perfect end."

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