Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Howzat Cricket Game

First Facebook hits the market of internet and attract all the users towards to him and now its turn to a Facebook app called Howzat Cricket which is very famous among all the users of Facebook and approximately every user of Facebook are using this App. In a very few period of time it attracts lot of Facebook's user and became the most popular and world's best online social Cricket game. With the help of this online Cricket game we can easily taste the real action of Cricket game and easily make our team's to glory.

The best thing of this game is that it comes in two mode single and multiplayer with some cool features. The most interesting thing of this game is that the user act as owner, coach, selector and captain of their own teams and compete in multiplayer games against their friends and strangers. A good entertainment and new kind oh thrill and excitement in playing every match.

The main thing in this game is that it allows you to do batting only, you can't bowl in Howzat cricket. We can play this game simply by using space bar and Arrow buttons. Space bar is used to shift in aggressive mode in which we can hit sixes easily and by again pressing space bar we come in normal mode. Arrow buttons are used to give direction to the shot we played. We can easily play this game by visiting apps.facebook.com/howzatcricket and also on the website of Espn Cricinfo and easily enjoy the game.

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