Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Manchester United vs CFR Cluj

Manchester United 2  CFR Cluj 1

In the big match of the UEFA Champions League between Manchester United and CFR Cluj at Cluj-Napoca, the Manchester United striker's Robin Van Persie given all his strength to beat CFR Cluj by 2-1 in Group H on Tuesday.

The real hero of this match was Robin Van Persie who scored two typically deadly goals for Manchester United. In the first half of the match Pantelis Kapetanos's scored a goal for CFR Cluj in the 14th minute of the match and provide an good lead to his team but the luck seems to be in the favour of the Manchester United when an brilliant goal was scored by Van Persie in the 29th minute of the match and then he again scored in the 49th minute of the match and produce an easy victory for Manchester United. Van Persie had a chance to strike again before the break but his shot was well blocked by Felgueras.

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